The Santa Fe Desert Chorale celebrates its 34th season largely because of our generous family of donors comprised of individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies.

It is a pleasure to recognize cash and in-kind gifts to the Annual Fund received between January 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016. While we endeavor to appropriately recognize all of our donors, please inform us if we have inadvertently omitted your name or listed it incorrectly by contacting Janice Mayer, Executive Director at (505) 988-2282 ext. 6. Thank you.

DISCOUNTS: ELOISA and BAR ALTO offer 10% off (year-round) for Desert Chorale Donors at the Sustainers level and above. REFLECTIVE IMAGES will donate 20% of your jewelry purchase to Desert Chorale, use code SFDC online at checkout or mention Desert Chorale at time of store purchase.

AUCTION DONORS: The Santa Fe Desert Chorale thanks the generous support from local and national businesses and patrons for donations to our annual auction. A listing of the 2016 Summer Gala auction donors can be found here.


2016 Contributions

Founder’s Circle

Gifts of $25,000 – $49,999

David and Betsy Bueschel

Ralph Osterhout

Nina Hinson Rasmussen and Dr. Scott Rasmussen

The Rogers Foundation

Susie and Jerry Wilson

Festival Circle

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Carol Franc Buck Foundation

Casa Piazza

City of Santa Fe Arts Commission and 1% Lodgers Tax

Habermann Koehn Foundation

Christopher Ihlefeld

Sheryl Kelsey and George Duncan

Barry and Margaret Lyerly

William H. Lynn and Russell M. Coffield

Inn and Spa at Loretto

James Murphy and Roxanne Howe-Murphy

National Endowment for the Arts

Thornburg Investment Management

Maestro’s Circle

Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Dr. J. Randle Adair

Lynn Bickley and Randy Schiffer

Thomas and Grace Bloomfield

Peggy Bonner

Arthur and Johanna Cinader

Edgar Foster Daniels

Dorothy B. Davis

Allegra and Jim Derryberry

Bob Gardner and Ken Marvel

Catherine and Guy Gronquist

Joanna and Joshua Habermann

C. Terry Hendrix

Van and Dora Horn

David and Kay Duke Ingalls

Lynn F. Lee

Laurie and Dick Meyer

New Mexico Arts

Petshek Arts Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation

Doug and Marilyn Whitehurst

Director’s Circle

Gifts of $2,500 – $4,999

Ann Neuberger Aceves
Deborah Avren
Camille Barnett
Maureen and Chris Carusona
Douglas P. Clark and Scott Allocco
Mary Dudley and Greg Wortman
David Ellwanger and Thomas McGuire
Ron and Mary Lee Hull
J. David and Lucy Levy
Karen and Scott Malouf
McCune Charitable Foundation
Jane Clayton Oakes and Joa Dattilo
Judy and Doug Rhodes
Sally and Andy Ritch
Charles Rountree and John Jones
Rebecca Tobey
Coralie Whitmore


Gifts of $1,000 – $2,499

Jan Alsever
Kay and John Alsip
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Patricia Bailey
Robert and Sharon Barton
Sharon Scanlin Barton
Linda and Jim Beck
Julio Blanco and David Manno
Boeckman Family Foundation
Helen and Richard Brandt
Curtiss T. and Mary G. Brennan Foundation
Margie Edwards and Ellie Edelstein
Kirk and Sheila Ellis
Eloisa Restaurant
Lucinda Ewing
Ruth Anne and Halley Faust
Susan Feder and Todd Gordon
John and Julianne Greenspan
Michelle and Doug Hinson
Stephen and Jane Hochberg
Lynne and Joseph Horning
Henry and Judith Lackner
Jean and Don Lamm
Alan and Kathleen Davison Lebeck
Nance and Ramon Lopez
Los Alamos National Bank
Robert Lynn and Janet Braziel
Paul and Ashley Margetson
Michael McCafferty and Joe Horton
Pamela and Don Michaelis
New Mexico Bank and Trust
Bruce and Susan Noel
Mary Lou and Alex Padilla
Joyce Reszka
Richard W. Rew
Kathlene Ritch and Scott Noakes
Don and Sally Roberts
Patricia Romer and Bonnie Detwiler
Alex and Mary Ross
Judith and Robert Sherman
James R. Seitz, Jr.
Jacqueline and Douglas L. Sklar
Paul Strid
Lee and David Takagi
The Mickey Inbody Charitable Foundation Inc.
Brad and Pat Thompson
M. Catherine Volland and Margaret Thompson
Thorne Family Fund
Brahna and Janusz Wilczynski


Gifts of $500 – $999

Rick Andrew and Diane Buchanan
John Ashcraft
David and Margaret Ater
Craig and Mikaela Barnes
Russell Baker
Sallie Bingham
Katherine and Joseph Blagden, Jr.
Curtiss T. and Mary G. Brennan
Caroline Burnett
Charles and Penni Chambers
Katherin and David Chase
Casas de Santa Fe
Mark Edw. Childers
Gregory Cole
Benjamin F. Crane
Sue-Ellen De Beer
George and Marcia De Garmo
Isabel and Raul Delgado
Linda Dillman
Gregory Dove
Mary and Joe Ferguson
Frances and Robert Fosnaugh
Richard and Chris Frenk
Gwen and Ralph Fuller
Cynthia Gonzales
Ron Gray
Thomas and Sara Hamilton
John Haupert
Ms. Patricia Henning
Joyce Idema
Kathryn Jordan
Kim Jordan
Norman Kaplan
Dorothy and Plato Karayanis
Phyllis and Thomas Keller
Terry and Renée Kershner
Betty Kyle
Lawrence Baca Galleries
Charles MacKay and Mr. Cam McCluskey
Debbie and Jim Maloney
Janice L. Mayer
Maria Motroni
Gordon Neufeld
James and Sarah Nickerson
Nyla and Larry Rasmussen
Arthur and Lynne Rauch
W. Anthony  Sawtell
H. Irving  Schweppe
Sellers Dorsey & Associates LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene  Stark
Andrea and Allen Steele
Brooke Bandfield Taylor
Russell Toal
Robert Walker
Alan Weber and Frances Diemoz
Margaret A. Wright
Janeen and Dick Yankowski


Gifts of $250 – $499

Freda Anderson
Mary Andersen
Anonymous (2)
Loretta  Armer
Talitha Arnold
Thomas Arthur
Patricia Assimakis
Debra Ayers  and Greg DePrince
Christine Bassett
Creative Wood Designs by Leslie Rich
George and Carol  Burleson
Christophe Caillot
Genevieve Caldwell and Lucy Scott
Betty and Jonathan  Calvert
Carnegie Hall
Ellen  Chase
Charles Cole
David Colton
Brenda Cruzz and Michael Roybal
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Alice and Houston Davis
Sherry Davis
Pamela Dials
Susan Dunshee
Linda DeVleig
Gregory J. Edwards
Bobbie Elliott
Joel Gallant and Joel Menneses
John Gibson and Lori Glassgold-Gibson
Susan Graham
Wesley and Karin Granberg-Michaelson
Paula A. Greer
Ronald and Sandra Hanson
David and Mary B. Hartley
Ellie and Trevor Hawkins
Hotel Andaluz
Linda and Barry Hunsaker
Beth  Hurst-Waitz
Charles Kizer
Philip Kruger
Anne and Bruce Legler
Loomis Sayle & Company, L.P.
Donna Lynch
The Lyric Opera of Chicago
Ginnie Maes
William McArthur and Jennifer Martinez
Pamela McCorduck and Joseph Traub
The Metropolitan Opera
Mercedes Benz of Santa Fe
Elaine Meyerhoffer
Robert Michael
New York Philharmonic
James and Sarah Nickerson
Margaret K. Norton
Elizabeth O’Brien
Linda S. Parlin
Marti and Michael Partridge
Ailyn Pérez
Douglas Peterson
John Petricciani
Jane Phillips-Conroy
Robert and Mary Platt
Cheryl Plavnick
Barry Qualls
Julia Rhymes and Sally Whiteley
Elizabeth Rice
Robert Ripps and Steven Spector
Russell and Mary Roberts
Lee Rogaliner and Anne Gifford
Alan Rolley
Dan Rusthoi
Santa Fe Collective
The Santa Fe Opera
Robert Schoenthal
The Reverend and Mrs. Kenneth Semon
Michael and Kathy Serk
John and Susan Shaffer
Andrea Slade
Sue and James Sprague
Monica and Hugo Steensma
Scott Sunde
Robert and Barbara Taylor
Carroll Thomas and George Baker
Kenneth Timmerman and Joan Parman
Walter Burke Catering
Jerry Watts
Hywel White
Marty Noss Wilder
Dick and Janeen Yankowski
Priscilla and Eugene Zimmermann


Gifts of $100 – $249

Karen  Abraham
Nancy  Ackermann
Judith and Bill Alger
Mary Andersen
Connie Axton
Kay Barber
Marilyn Barnes
Stuart Barton
Doris Bato
Richard K. Beaubien
Mr. James Bishop
Martha  Blomstrom and Hugh Balaam
Dmitri Bovaird and Maggie Edmondson
Dorothy Bracey
Daniel Breheny and Karen Kraemer
Mr. William Buchholz
Lydia Bueschel and Chris Frumkin
Constance Burke
Janet Carlsen Campbell
Clafoutis French Bakery & Restaurant
Elizabeth Cavasos
Joseph  W. Cella
Nancy and Jim Clopton
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe
Bruce Connell
Jill and Paul Cook
Nancy  Cooper
Judith  Crocker
Patricia  Dean
Pauline  Dement
John Desautels
Winnie  Devore
Brenda  Edelson
El Dorado Hotel and Spa
Joan  Ellis
Frank  Farrow
June and George  Ferrill
David  Franklin
Charles and Joyce  Freuden
Janette  Frigo  and Kevin McCabe
Mary Carol and Charles Gilbert
The Reverend Jim Gordon and Andi Shapiro
Mary Dale and James Gordon
Madeleine Grigg-Damberger
Hacienda Del Cerezo, Ltd.
Joan  Hagen
Carl and Kathryn Ann  Harris
Anna Jane Hays
Sally-Jane  Heit
Robert and Donna  Spina  Helmholz
Greg and Elaine  Heltman
Sandra  Higaskino
Cyril  Hirt
William  Hoadley
Holiday Salon
Kevin  Hoover
Edward and Patricia Hymson
Brenda and Michael  Jerome
George Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Hervey and Leslie Juris
Stephanie and David  Kauffman
Susan Kolb
Gary  Krino
Evelyn Kupec
Ellen Lacy
Ms. Mary W. Lamy
Catherine and Bertrand LeBlanc
Margot  Linton
Jane Lipman
Tom and Margaret Lopez
Rev. Hampton and Cha Mabry
Judith and Don  Machen
Linda Mack  and Wynn Berven
Claudia Mader and Patrick Hazard
Phil Martin
Robert  McCullough
Michael and Frances  Meier
Vera and Daniel  Metzger
Jeanette (Boo)  Miller
Paula  Miller
Robert Milne  and Ann DeHart
Ralph and Esther  Milnes
Timothy and Mary  Mitchell
Cynthia Modny
Sara Montgomery and Dylan O’Reilly
Frances Moore
Nancy A. Morgan
Suzanne Morrow
Linda Morsman
Jerry Nelson
Anne Noss
Margaret Patterson
Sam Pemberton
Cynthia Piatt
Christine Preston
Richard Quick and Marsha Lefkovits
Elizabeth and Jim Raby
Fred Ragdale and Jennifer Salisbury
Mary Jo Ramsey Smith
Clare Ratliff
William Reeves
Fred Ribe
Linda Robins
Patsie Ross
Carmen Salazar
Richard and Karen Sanders
Donald and Mary Sandstrom
Joel Schafer and Perry Samuels
Thomas Seamon
Cordelia Sever
Alex Shapiro and Raymond Berger
Nancy Slater
Barbara and Glen Smerage
James and Georgia Snead
Joan Snider
Frances Steele
Vincent and Carolyn Stenerson
Donna Swindell
Ms. Lore Thorpe
Vincent and Patricia Tinto
Steven Tolber and Louise Campbell
Marcia Torobin
Carol Tucker Trelease
Glenn Verdi
Ellen Vladem
Michael and Alexandra Ward
Patricia and Robert Weiler
Leslie and Sheldon Weinstein
Joann and Gerald Weiss
Elizabeth West
Amy and Jim Weyhrauch
San Williams
Tom Willoughby
Charles Winston
John and Jean Withers
Sylvia Wittels and Joe Alcorn
Dr. Margaret M. Wolak
Paul and Gudrun Wright
Richard and Lexey Wright
Mary Beth Yates
Lyle York and Matthew Wilson
Janet and Everett Zlatoff-Mirsky


Gifts up to $99

Celeste Alleyne
Dr. Edward Angus
Janice J. Arrott
Reverend Richard Avery
Martha Baker
Margo and William Barr
Suzanne Baum
Walter Beckham
Norman Berman
Barbara Blackwell
Suzanne Brandt
Leslie Q. Brown
Muriel Brown
Ann Browning
John and Ann Brownlee
Andrea Bueschel
Mary Burnside
Bruce Canty
Catherine Carlozzi
Peggy Catron
Barbara Chatterjee
Arthur Chester
Tom and Margaret Clagett
Rebecca Clay
Mark Coburn
Kenneth Collins
Bekki and John Cook
Frances D. Cook
Nancee Cortes
Philip Dale
Don Dietz
Ann Dilworth and John Lathrop
Jay Dratler, Jr.
Mary Earle
Kenneth and Jill Ewald
Suzanne Fahey
Bonnie Farman
Gary Feger
Anne and Resse Fullerton
Carole Gardner
Catherine R. Garland
Suzanne George
William C. Gibson
Janina S. Greene
Sharon Gross
Diane and Gerald Gulseth
Garnis Hagen
Jeffrey John and Anita-Valerie Kolek Harrow
John Haughey
Steven Hecht
Pauline M. Hefley
Dr. Bruce Hinrichs
Sue Hobart
Sam and Gloria Hocking
Beryl Hodgin
Kathy and Brad Holian
Cynthia Hope
Susan Horn and Judith Espinar
Mary Hornbuckle
Linda Hummingbird
Hunter and Stephanie Hunt
Ms. Bobby G. Huskey
John J. and Mary L. Indall
Bertrand Johnson
Christine H. Johnson
Tiia Kari and George McLaughlin
Bill Keller
Claudia Kennedy
Dorothy and Bruce Kincaid
Caroline King
Jean Knapp
Mimi Koehl
Robert Kyr
Jan Lanterman
Phyllis Lehmberg
Melissa Lewis
John W. Low
Ann MacVicar
Susan Marineau
Richard Mariner
John Marmaduke
Marjorie and Robert McCarthy
Larry McGoldrick
Caitlin McHugh
Karen and Rick McMichael
David and Ann Millican
Mr. David Mitchell
Phyllis Montgomery
Elizabeth Moore
Thomas M. Morales
Betty Morningstar and Jeanette Kruger
Lou Murphy
Jane Neveau
Steven Oakey
Sarah Orr
Laura Pancoast
Calla Pepmueller
Sandra M. Pitre
Leon Podles
Thomas Ponder
Madeline Pryor
Douglass Ranken and Will Ruggles
Robert and Marjorie E. Reed
Jodie Register
David Reiss
Leslie Rich
Cardinal Rieger
Mr. Ray Riess
Nancy Roberts
William Rogers
Juan Romero
Merry Schroeder
Theodore Space
Susan Sprague
Andrea Stillman
Cynthia Svigals
Elaine Swetland
Dacia Taday
Irina Thomas
Leo and Martha Twiggs
United Way of Central New Mexico
Betty and Lloyd Van Horn
Arlyn Vik
Mary J. Voss
Robin Ward
Tobi Watson
Thomas Weirath
William Werner
Joan and Truel West
Thomas Whitten
Janislee Weise
Kathleen Winslow
James Winter
Michael and Sharon Wirtz
Lynne Xavier
Barbara Yost


In Honor of David Bueschel
Robert and Sharon Barton
Lydia Bueschel and Chris Fumkin

In Honor of Mark Childers

Peggy Bonner

In Honor of Joshua, Joanna, Kira and Kai Habermann
Habermann Koehn Foundation

In Honor of Sherry Kelsey
Patricia Dean

In Honor of Janice L. Mayer
Susan Feder and Todd Gordon

In Honor of William H. Lynn and Russell M. Coffield

Cheryl Plavnick

In Honor of Sarah Nickerson
Tom and Margaret Lopez


In Memory of Paul Chapin
Clare Ratliff

In Memory of John De Beer
John Gibson and Lori Glassgold-Gibson
Van and Dora Horn

In Memory of John Greenspan
Mary Lou Padilla
Edward Mazria and Asenath M. Kepler

In Memory of Fran Contreras Hartley
David and Mary Hartley

In Memory of Jeffrey Manns
Margaret K. Norton

In Memory of Robert J. Meyer
Ken and Jill Ewald

In Memory of Mickey Inbody
Mickey Inbody Charitable Foundation Inc.

The Legacy Circle

We salute the foresight and generosity of the following individuals who have chosen to indicate support for the Desert Chorale in their estate plans.

Rev. Talitha J. Arnold
Dotty Davis
Margaret Edwards
Allison and James Elston
Dorothy Harroun
Arnold and Evelyn Kupec
Lynn F. Lee
Nancy and Raymond Lutz
Jerome B. Nelson
Margaret K. Norton
Nina Hinson and Scott Rasmussen
Don and Sally Roberts
Nadine Stafford
Brooke Bandfield Taylor
Frances† and Hywel White
Margaret White

The Desert Chorale has been the grateful recipient of the following estate gifts from these generous patrons.

Margaret Arrott
Lawrence Bandfield
Martin Dieter
Robert Fisher
Ian McKee
Dorethea Morgan
Paul Resnick
Joseph P. Schitter

The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce commemorates the opening of the 2016 Summer Festival Ceremony with a ribbon-cutting at Christ Church Santa Fe. Photo credit: Chelsea Call


Desert Chorale performances are made possible, in part, by: